Roundup 450



Roundup 450

Active Ingredients: 450g/l glyphosate.

Roundup Pro Biactive 450 is a foliar applied translocated herbicide developed using a new surfactant system known as Biactivator adjuvant technology. Roundup Pro Biactive has been developed for use on weeds in amenity vegetation, enclosed waters, hard surfaces, natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas and open waters.

Key Benefits of Roundup 450

  • Unique Biactive formulation gets more glyphosate into the plant
  • Hazard free label – safer for the operator, public and pets
  • Superior long term control of difficult perennial weeds
  • Biodegrades in soil and water, excellent rainfastness
  • Make the most of those precious weather windows
  • Highest levels of performance and safety
  • Preferred under COSHH

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup Pro Biactive, controls weeds by blocking the plant’s enzyme system. These enzymes, which are present in plants, do not occur in humans, animals, birds or fish. Hence, Roundup Pro Biactive is safe to everything except green plants.

    • For any herbicide to function it must first break through the waxy surface of the leaf and enter the plant cells.
    • This is achieved by developing a formulation containing an adjuvant or surfactant which breaks down the waxy cuticle.
    • Differences in glyphosate formulations are brought about by the different surfactants they contain.
  • Original Tallow Amine products have been superceded by Roundup Pro Biactive.