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Meadowmat Wild Flower Turf – Traditional

Traditional Meadowmat

Traditional Meadowmat is a blend of 31 native wildflowers and 3 grasses typically found in an old fashioned hay meadow.

Ideal for a sunny spot where a low maintenance and lots of biodiversity can combine to create a relaxed feel. Prefer a more manicured look? Keeping the edges trimmed and mowing paths through your Traditional Meadowmat gives a more formal appearance.

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Key Points

  • The majority of plant species in Traditional Meadowmat are perennial. That means that if they are happy in your garden they will grow back year after year.
  • Flowering Time: May – July (depending on local weather conditions).
  • Meadowmat is mown before despatch to minimise damage to plants. It will not be in flower when it is delivered.
  • For flowers in its first season, install Traditional Meadowmat before the end of march to allow plants to establish.
  • A standard roll of Traditional Meadowmat covers 1 square metre of prepared soil and weights up to 25Kg. We recommend having two people to install it.
  • The balance of plant species is affected by soil type, management, pollinator populations and local climatic conditions. Your Traditional Meadowmat will change appearance from year to year, which is one of the reasons we love it so much.