Rite Edge is a long term, corrosion resistant solution to lawn border edges. Easy to install and saves hours. Designed by landscape architects and contractors who have experience of the exact requirements of edging products.

Rite-Edge aluminium edging is one of the market leading choices for both the DIY and professional landscaper in the selection of a product for garden edging.

Manufactured in aircraft grade aluminium, Rite-Edge is an obvious choice for neat, aesthetically pleasing, lawn, flowerbed and border edging.

The key properties of aluminum enable Rite-Edge to be light yet strong, extremely durable but also flexible enough to be
easily shaped to form beautiful smooth classic lines.

The benefits of using Rite Edge in your garden design

  • Ideal for plant bed, lawns, pathways, jogging trails, driveways, maintenance strips and many more!
  • Circles are easily formed.
  • Stakes lock into position for strong permanent positioning.
  • Unique telescopic design is simple, quick, strong and eliminates the need for connector pins and stakes which can open in time.
  • Lifetime Maintenance Free.
  • Manufactured in aluminium, which is strong, light and durable. Will not crack, rot and need re-painting.
  • Structurally strong aluminium stakes to prevent frost heave, which will also not rust or cause corrosion in the edging.

Rite-Edge – Installation Instructions

  • Dig a small trench around 5cm wide and 10cm deep in the exact position you require your
    new edge.
  • Now from the Rite-Edge to the shape and design you require including the 5cm overlap
    join. This can now be placed into the trench you formed for the ledge.
  • Check the exact height for the top of the Rite-Edge which should be just above true ground
    level but beneath the required cut grass level.
    If you are now happy with the shape and height, add the fixing stakes to secure Rite-Edge into position.
  • A simple backfilling on the sides of your Rite-Edge completes the installation.

Detailed Information

Rite-Edge has a unique patented telescopic design making installation fast and simple. On the inner side of the Rite-Edge, there are pockets, which are used to hold the stakes that secure the edging into the ground, being of a barbed design the stakes hold the edging in a permanent position.

Rite-Edge can be used in a variety of applications from separating lawns from bed areas or as a bed divider separating mulch from flower beds. It can also be used in conjunction with gravel to be used as pathway edging or as a maintenance edging around the perimeter of a building.

Rite-Edge is extremely flexible enabling landscape architects and landscape designers the freedom to create any type of design with the confidence that the edging will meet their needs. The easier the lawn edging is to install, typically means the better installation. The better the installation typically means that the edging will perform better over time.

Available in a choice of four colours, Green, Brown, Black and the ever popular natural aluminium finish, the coloured finishes are electro-statically applied acrylic paint and then baked on. The end result is a product that will never rust, rot, or need repainting, making it maintenance free, for ever.

Aluminium is also one of the most highly recycled materials in the World, it can be recycled an infinite amount of times without any loss of product during the recycling process.

So for permanent, perfect neat Edges to Lawns, flowerbeds and borders, simply install and mow.

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