Melcourt Play Bark

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Bag size – 0.6m³ bulk bag 

A well-graded, pine bark-based loose impact absorbing surface(LIAS), widely used and suitable with all play equipment, including climbing frames, slides and space nets.
The UK’s leading brand of LIAS and used extensively throughout the country for well over 30 years. Particularly suitable for use on playgrounds where the children are up to 6 years old.

  • Nominal particle size range 10 – 40 mm
  •  Clean and virtually dust and fines-free
  •  Free-draining and performance not adversely affected by frost
  • Reddish brown in colour and very attractive appearance
  •  High durability of between 3 and 5 years plus
  •  Good resistance to wind erosion
  • Less than 5 % wood content by volume
  •  Specifically graded to meet all the main criteria for surfacing children’s play areas
  • RHS endorsed (when sold in 60 litre bags)
  • Rapid drainage during wet weather allows play all year round
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Clean to play on
  • Virtually vandal resistant
  • Any overspill onto adjacent grassed areas will not damage mowing equipment
  • The loose, particulate feel of Playbark 8/25 deters dogs and cats, thus helping to prevent animal fouling
  • Hostile living environment for pests
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Easy to relocate• At the end of its useful life as a play surface, Playbark can be effectively re-used as a mulch or soil conditioner

Available in bulk bags



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How to use 

Design, Installation and Aftercare
Melcourt offers extensive advice on design, installation and aftercare using products from our Play Range, together with up to date information on many contractual and standards issues regarding play areas.

To comply with BS EN 1176, the LIAS used must be installed to a layer thickness of 100mm more than that found by laboratory testing to be necessary to achieve the required critical fall height

Other advise 

Wood shards
Melcourt’s loose impact surfaces, are made from natural materials. During the manufacturing and screening process a very small proportion of larger pieces of wood, referred to as ‘wood shards’, may fall through the screens and be included in the finished product.
If these wood shards are considered to be a hazard, they can be physically removed, by hand, once the surface has been installed

  •  Compliant with BS EN 1176, Table A.1 confirming that Playbark meets a nationally accepted industry standard
  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
  • High resistance to fire confirmed by testing in accordance with BS 4790:1987
  • Independently tested in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 1176, at depths of 300mm, 200mm and 100mm giving critical fall heights of 6.01metres, 3.82 metres and 1.33 metres respectively

This product is from FSC MIX Sources at a minimum of 70%, FSC certificate number CU-COC-806457

Plastics & Recycling

Where used, the polythene packaging for this product has been manufactured using at least 30% post-consumer waste plastic. We are working with our suppliers to increase this level as quickly as we can.

The bag is 100% recyclable but check regionally for local recycling options.


Main Constituent Pine Bark
Origin British
Nominal Particle Size 10 – 40mm
Wood Content <5%
Dust and Fines Minimal
Bulk Density 210 – 260 kg/m3
Durability 3-5+ years
BS EN 1176 Compliant Yes
BS EN 1177 Tested Yes
BS 4790:1987 Tested Yes
FSC Certified Yes



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