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Melcourt Soil Improver


Bag size – 50 Litre 

Melcourt Soil Improver is an Organic, natural soil improver and soil conditioner. It is comprised of green residues such as soft park and garden debris, which have been naturally composted under controlled conditions, in accordance with the methods proscribed in PAS100:2011 It is suitable for a wide variety of soil improvement applications.

  • Improves soil organic matter levels
  • Helps increase soil moisture retention characteristics
  • Increase the soil’s nutrient reserves
  • Adds to the soils microbial population
  • Dark brown in colour
  • Free flowing and easy to handle
  • sold in bulk bags and 50 litre bags



User Benefits

• Provides an economical source of a high quality soil conditioner • Independently certified to PAS100:2011
• Structural qualities provide immediate physical soil amelioration, particularly on difficult sites
• Decreases the bulk density of all soils, aiding cultivation.
• Adds essential plant nutrients
• Stimulates the microbial population of the soil, which is an essential ingredient for fundamental soil improvement
• Its use has a positive benefit on the environment, as the green residues would formally have been tipped in landfill sites • Peat-free
• Easy to spread and incorporate using simple tools

How To Use

  • Spread Melcourt Soil Improver evenly onto the soil surface to a depth of not less than 50mm, then thoroughly incorporate into at least the top 150mm of soil.
  • These application rates can be exceeded on poor soils or where deeper penetration is required.Note: Melcourt Soil ImproverTM is not suitable for lime-hating plants such as rhododendrons. For these use Melcourt Composted Fine BarkTM with appropriate fertilizers or SylvaGrow® Ericaceous


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