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Melcourt Top Soil Blended Loam


Bag size – 50 Litre  / 600 Litre  

Product Description

  • Melcourt Topsoil Blended Loam is a carefully manufactured, high quality soil, consisting of sandy loam and organic matter, fully compliant with British Standard 3882:2015 ‘Multipurpose Grade’.
  • It is suitable for a wide range of professional and domestic applications.
  • Fine, virtually stone free, consistent texture and is easy to handle
  • Dark brown in colour
  • Below Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment (CLEA) soilguideline values for sensitive end users
  • Conforms to National House Builders’ Federation (NHBF) warrantyrequirements
  • Sold in bulk bags and 20 litre bags.

User Benefits:

– Extremely cost effective
– Successfully tried and tested by professional and amateur users for many years, giving excellent results
– Easily spread using simple tools
– Processed from soil and British sustainable materials, which are peat and chemical free

Can be used in planters, tubs, borders and beds. Ideal for growing Fruit and veg.

Comes in Bulk Bag or Small Bag.

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How To Use

• Spread Melcourt TopsoilTM Blended Loam to the required depth Spread over existing soil to improve overall soil depth and quality

• If spreading over existing soil, ensure gradual change from one soil to the other

• Help level the soil surface, prior to laying turf or sowing grass seed • For best results when sowing a new lawn use Melcourt TopsoilTM


• Can also be used in planters, tubs and raised beds for ornamentals and vegetables


Weeds and Weed Growth

Melcourt TopsoilTM Blended Loam is derived from prime arable soils which can contain annual weed seeds. The natural fertility within the soil will encourage good plant and weed growth, particularly during warm, wet weather. The control of weeds is particularly important during the early stage of weed seeding growth – otherwise they will grow and compete with planted material. Any weeds, particularly Fat Hen can easily be removed by hand, by hoeing or chemical spraying. Alternatively the use of a bark mulch will considerably reduce the germination of any weed seeds.

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